Key Duplication

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Here's a key cutter in action duplicating some house keys (top) and here are the keys we cut (bottom)

Here’s a key cutter in action duplicating some house keys (top) and here are the keys we cut (bottom).

Creating a reliable copy of your key can be as much art, as it is science. Even for the most common types of keys, copies need to fit and work properly in locks that may have been in use for a long time. When we create new keys, we consider how the lock works and whether the new key will serve you in the future without trouble. We operate our duplicating equipment with the care of a precision machinist and If needed, we do all of this as your 24-hour emergency locksmith. We’re a veteran-owned company with over ten years of experience and passion in locksmithing, and we are enthusiastic about serving the community. We handle jobs that involve old and new lock technology from modern, high-security keys, antique keys, and skeleton keys so you can be sure you’re covered.

Key Duplication for Common and Locksmith-Exclusive Key Types

Have you ever wondered, “where are keys made near me for my secure office locks?” We handle do not duplicate keys, cut keys by code for desks, file cabinets, and other office locks. We even make keys from scratch based on the lock’s tumbler configuration. You don’t even need the original. That’s the advantage of using a locksmith for key duplication. We make key copies for your house keys, office keys, desk keys, car keys, and all sorts of commercial keys right on site. If you recently bought a business or home, let us make copies of the keys so you’ll be safe if you lose them. Or, we can rekey the locks for added security, then make copies of those.

Home Lockout Recovery for Your Whole Family

For a busy family, an active couple, or even a solo homeowner, it’s easy to realize “I’m locked out of my house” due to a miscommunication or dropped keys in the yard. Our house lockout service is quick and easy, and if your keys are gone we can make copies of your backup, create new ones from the lock, or rekey your locks, making new keys if you’re not sure who has your old ones. Let’s say you get dropped off at home late at night and don’t have your keys. Or, you get home with groceries and break your key in the lock and the ice cream is melting. We have you covered as your 24/7 locksmith.

Unique Keys Can Cost Time to Get Duplicates, But They’re Simple With Us

You can visit all the usual suspects for mass-market key cutting and never find the right mailbox keys, safe deposit box lock keys, safe keys, and other specialized black keys for duplicate cutting. When did you last see a collection of skeleton or antique keys at one of those places? Some people find our key capabilities fascinating. From the ways, we originate keys with special codes to generate new car keys, use special cutting techniques to create high-security keys or cylinder keys. If you have antique locks as part of your home, whether it be china cabinets or an old desk, we can bring the locks into working order with new keys.

Local Glendale Locksmith

We take great pride in being locally owned and operated. We're invested in the Glendale, AZ community and the relationships we build which means you get a locksmith who cares.

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Mobile Speedy Locksmith

As a mobile-only locksmith, you get the utmost convenience. Our fully-outfitted van has all the tools and equipment necessary to tackle all your lock, key, and security needs which means you don't have to trek to a shop.

Honest & Affordable Locksmith Pricing

We're upfront with our service quotes which means you can count on us for top-quality work at honest prices. We also offer 50% off our standard labor rates if you're a military veteran or first responder.

Managing Key Holders With Careful Key Duplication

Do you have young drivers almost ready to earn their own keys and key fobs? Let us make copies for you to give to them. Perhaps you need a spare key for a petsitter, nanny, or house cleaner? Or, maybe you want keys made for your garage to exchange with your neighbor for tool borrowing? We can also rekey your locks and originate keys when it’s time to manage who has access. This is a great idea for new homeowners to start fresh with new house keys. It’s also a common way to manage office keys during personnel changes.

Your Expert Locksmith for Comprehensive and Accurate Key Duplication

At Old Glory Locksmith, we serve the Glendale, AZ, and greater Phoenix area with keys created through copying, or pulling them from thin air with our technology. Give us a call to solve all your key copy challenges.