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If you need a mailbox rekey in Peoria AZ, need a mailbox rekey in Glendale AZ or commercial mailbox rekey in Peoria, Glendale or Phoenix and surrounding areas, Old Glory Locksmith has you covered 24 hours a day.

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Mailbox Rekey

Rekey Cluster, Residence or Business (Home or Office) Mailbox

The cost of this service can range from $69 to $150 depending on time of day (we're open 24 hours), your location, the type of lock, and well as what the problem is. The average price is around $99. If you need your mailbox lock rekeyed due to a lost key, a need to change authorized access or the mailbox lock is not working properly, Old Glory Locksmith can help. Mailbox locks are mechanical devices with tiny parts that require special tools to rekey properly. Therefore, if you the owner were to attempt rekeying the mailbox lock yourself, you have a formidable task ahead of you. This task is best left to the professional locksmith. We have the right tools and experience to rekey your mailbox lock with no damage to the lock or its door. If you're looking to change your mailbox lock, Call Old Glory Locksmith today. In the end, you'll be glad you called a professional. I guarantee it!

An example of a time when you might want to call a locksmith is to rekey your mailbox lock. To rekey your mailbox lock, means to change the key that works on the lock currently to a different key combination or replace the mailbox lock all together. Some people refer to this as changing the lock but a locksmith will refer to it as a rekey service. At least they do in Glendale Arizona and the surrounding areas. Mailbox locks that are commonly rekeyed by a locksmith are on your home, office or cluster mailboxes. Here are some times when you may consider a change of your locks or rekeying them. Think of the time when you just moved into your new home, apartment or condo. When you took possession, the mailbox lock is still working with the key that the prior tenant or owner had. They may still have a copy of that key. This situation is not very secure as you can tell. 

This is where you may choose to call a locksmith. They can open your locks, take them apart, remove the pins that correspond to the old key and replace them with new pins that correspond to a new key that the locksmith will make for you or just replace the mailbox lock. Once the lock has been put back together, rekeyed, the old key will no longer work and you now have a new set of keys all to your own. 

Mailbox rekey service by a locksmith is also commonly done in an office setting and commercial buildings in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Let's say you work in a commercial building and an employee has just left the company but they had a key that works the mailbox lock prior to this. Can you see how this might be a security issue? A locksmith can be called in this case to rekey the mailbox lock at the office so that the previous employee can no longer access the mail to the building or office. 

If we can go back to a residential setting for a moment, another scenario that might make sense to rekey or change your mailbox locks would be your cluster mailbox. Many mailboxes today are joined together in a cluster box. There may be times when a property changes hands or the mailbox key is lost. These are times when you can call a locksmith to come out and open your mailbox, remove the old lock and replace it with a new lock which comes with a new set of keys. Old Glory Locksmith, a mobile locksmith, can handle all of these situations. So if you need your house, business mailbox rekeyed in Peoria or the surrounding area, give Old Glory Locksmith a call. We'd be glad to help. 

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Residential Commercial Locksmith Cluster Mailbox Rekey Service Lost Key New Home Broken Mailbox Key
Residential Commercial Locksmith Cluster Mailbox Rekey Service Lost Key New Home Broken Mailbox Key