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Old Glory Locksmith Peoria AZ offers 24 hour combination safe service, rekey service and lockout service in the following zip codes:  85303, 85305, 85306, 85307, 85308, 85310, 85342, 85345, 85351, 85361, 85373, 85381, 85382, 85383, 85387 

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24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Service

Whether you're locked out and looking for a locksmith Peoria AZ, need rekey service by a locksmith Peoria AZ or forgot your combination and require a safe locksmith Peoria AZ, Old Glory Locksmith has you covered 24 hours a day.

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why you might need a locksmith in peoria AZ

Locksmith Peoria AZ - Lockouts

Most people in Peoria will never need a locksmith. However, there are some circumstances where you have no choice but to hire a locksmith. 

Take for instance being locked out of your car, you're going about your day and close the door to your car when all of the sudden that sick feeling hits you. You don’t have your keys in your hand. You locked your keys in your car. Now what? You could order a cab and have them drive you to your home where you might have a spare key. Or you can stay stranded. Okay that's not an option. So this is where you call a locksmith.

A company like Old Glory Locksmith of Peoria usually offer emergency lockout services. With a quick phone call, you can have a locksmith on their way to save the day. Opening your car or truck only takes a few minutes. In today's busy world, who has time to get a cab all the way home then another cab all the way back? What if you don't have a spare key? Now you can see how an emergency locksmith like Old Glory Locksmith might come in handy. 

Another example, what if the same thing happens but you have locked your keys inside your house? A locksmith can help you here as well. Only this time your other option isn't to have a cab drive you home, you are already there. A secondary option might be to call a family member who also has a key and have them stop what they're doing and bring you a key. That's not always practical. So in this case again, you can call a mobile locksmith who can come to your home bypass your lock by picking or the use of other tools to get you back into your home, apartment or condo. 

There are other kinds of lockouts. For instance, you might find yourself locked out of an interior door such as a bedroom or an office. Or maybe even a vending machine or cabinet. Anything that has a lock is capable of causing a lockout situation. Old Glory Locksmith can help you with vehicle lockouts, commercial business lockouts, residential lockouts, any kind of lock you can think of, we can open for you. Keep in mind we do offer emergency locksmith service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hopefully you'll never need us for a lockout situation because they are never fun. But at least you have peace of mind that Old Glory Locksmith of Peoria is just a call away.  

Locksmith Peoria AZ - Rekey

An example of a time when you might want to call a locksmith is to rekey your locks. To rekey your locks, means to change the key that works on the lock currently to a different key combination. Some people refer to this as changing the lock but a locksmith will refer to it as a rekey service. At least they do in Peoria Arizona. Locks that are commonly rekeyed by a locksmith are on your home, office or mailbox. Here are some times when you may consider a change of your locks or rekeying them. Think of the time when you just moved into your new home, apartment or condo. When you took possession, the locks are still working with the key that the prior tenant or owner had. They may still have a copy of that key. This situation is not very secure as you can tell. 

This is where you may choose to call a locksmith. They can open your locks, take them apart, remove the pins that correspond to the old key and replace them with new pins that correspond to a new key that the locksmith will make for you. Once the lock has been put back together, rekeyed, the old key will no longer work and you now have a new set of keys all to your own. 

Rekey service by a locksmith is also commonly done in an office setting and commercial buildings in Peoria. Let's say you work in a commercial building and an employee has just left the company but they had a key that works the locks prior to this. Can you see how this might be a security issue? A locksmith can be called in this case to rekey the locks on the office so that the previous employee can no longer access the building or office. 

If we can go back to a residential setting for a moment, another scenario that might make sense to rekey or change your locks would be your mailbox. Many mailboxes today are joined together in a cluster box. There may be times when a property changes hands or the mailbox key is lost. These are times when you can call a locksmith to come out and open your mailbox, remove the old lock and replace it with a new lock which comes with a new set of keys. Old Glory Locksmith Peoria AZ, a mobile locksmith, can handle all of these situations. So if you need your house, business or mailbox rekeyed, call the 24 hour locksmith in Peoria, Old Glory Locksmith. We'd be glad to help.

Locksmith Peoria AZ - Lock Repair

Another reason residents of Peoria AZ might call a locksmith is obvious. Lock repair. Old Glory Locksmith of Peoria offers lock repair services. There are times when a key might be broken off inside of a lock and that key needs to be extracted. In most cases for the common person, key extraction is not an easy task and therefore they may call a locksmith in to help. 

Other problems where a locksmith might be able to help is if you have locks with older wearing parts. If a part goes bad and the lock is not usable, this can cause security and safety issues. It is recommended that the first sign of problems with a lock you contact a locksmith to either repair or replace the parts or the entire lock depending on the circumstances. 

In Peoria AZ, there are plenty of hardware stores around that can help you purchase new locks fairly cheap if you ever need a repair. However, not everyone knows how to remove a lock from a door and not everyone knows how to install a new lock. A locksmith can come in handy this way. Old Glory Locksmith is a mobile locksmith that can bring the parts and or new locks to you the same day in most cases. We have the knowledge and expertise to take care of most problems you might experience. 

It is also very common for us to do the same in an office setting. Commercial buildings or offices that need lock repair is a service that we perform anywhere in the city of Peoria and surrounding areas.

Locksmith Peoria AZ - Lock Installation

While most people have the ability to operate most kinds of locks, not everyone has the knowledge to install locks on two doors. Old Glory Locksmith of Peoria has this expertise. Whether you're trying to replace a lock that has been damaged or just no longer working, or you need a new lock installed in a place where there is no lock existing, a locksmith can still help you. We have the tools to create the mortise or hole in the door to install a new lock for you. How scary is the thought of attempting to drill new holes in your door for the new lock that you want? "Not scary at all." Is what you would hear if you ask that question of Cory at Old Glory Locksmith of Peoria, AZ. He has the tools to get the lock installation done quickly, cleanly and in a professional manner. 

So whether you need lock installation at your home, office or mailbox, we can help if you are in the city of Peoria and decide you need a locksmith to do the job. 

Locksmith Peoria AZ - Combination Safe Services

Some might think that combination safe services are performed buy safe technicians. They would be correct. However since the call volume for safe services tends to be low, some have trained to be proficient at safe openings, safe services as well as safe combination changes. Old Glory Locksmith of Peoria AZ is one of those locksmiths. Cory, the owner of Old Glory locksmith, is one of the best safe technicians for combination safes in the state of Arizona. While Peoria is not the only city we offer combination safe services in, it is definitely the area we service the most. 

Some combination safe services might include opening a safe where the safe is broken / damaged or has a lost combination or a combination that was unknown when the safe was purchased. There are many techniques to opening a locked safe without a key or combination. Some involve manipulation which is a technique that can open some safe with zero damage. Another is to drill the safe and either read the combination through a scope or bypass some parts in the lock to open the safe. Safe should operate very smoothly. 

If you have a safe that is operating roughly or intermittently, it is a good idea to get a locksmith in to check it out. A safe that is starting to work poorly can often lead to a costly safe opening. Better to be proactive and solve the problem with the safe before it gets worse. Old Glory Locksmith of Peoria AZ can help you with this type of service. 

We can also help you change the combination on your safe. Some say safes require a special key and knowledge to change the combination. We have the tools and experience. 

Another way we can help is, let's say you purchased a safe that had a mechanical combination dial but you have a hard time reading the numbers and dialing in the combination. We can in most cases, replace that lock with an electronic keypad that is far more user-friendly. However, some people would rather do the opposite and have us replace an electronic keypad with a mechanical dial for reliability so they do not have to depend on batteries. In either case, Cory at Old Glory Locksmith can help

Locksmith Peoria AZ - Keys

The other most popular service a locksmith can perform for you is key origination. Old Glory Locksmith has access to hundreds of key blanks that might fit your lock that is missing its keys. In many cases, if you have a lock but no key and reside in the city of Peoria AZ, Old Glory Locksmith can decode your lock and originate a new set of keys for you. 

Examples of some keys we have originated in the past are, horse trailer keys, house keys, business or office keys, safe keys, vending machine keys and mailbox keys. Plenty of customers around the city of Glendale have called Old Glory Locksmith when they either purchased something with a lock that had no keys or lost their only set of keys. In each case, we have been able to help. Sometimes even after hours because Old Glory Locksmith of Peoria is open 24 hrs.